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By Jane Lasky 2011-05-07 21:12

James Dubin is now the frontrunner to win American Idol 2011, but will he pull off the win against the other talented finalists? Can he top Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina while all of them fight the same fight on the popular TV talent show?

At the end of the season, that all depends on the American public.

Yes, James Durbin currently owns the odds to win (at 2 to 3, according to one source)--but this California boy hasn't always been the favorite. However, even when country crooners Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina topped the resident rocker in popularity, die hard fans were there to support James Durbin, and only James Durbin.

In fact, this unique 22-year-old artist has been enjoying a career that has had plenty of people pulling for him for a long time now. The American Idol contender has been a musical force to be reckoned with ever since the age of 16.

It was then that he performed in a group called Kids on Broadway in his native Santa Cruz, situated in the northern part of the Golden State on the edge of the Silicon Valley. Will Guilford, director of this musical theater ensemble, weighed in on what he thought when he first heard James Durbin perform.

Guilford said, "As soon as he opened his mouth to sing, I looked at my musical director and said he could have any part."

From then on, this natural talent was put to task, following his musical path despite a couple of tough obstacles. Indeed, health issues still plague James Durbin, who has been diagnosed and is living with both Asperger's (considered highly functional autism) and Tourette's syndromes.

"You'll notice during Idol, when he's waiting for the judges his tics will be more pronounced. But when he sings it all goes away," comments Durbin's original mentor, Will Guiford.

Like American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, Guiford appreciates how "in the moment" this wide-eyed talent is when he hits the stage. That's particularly obvious during some performances, like with last week's offering of Without You, when he broke down during and after delivering the sentimental song that reminded him of those he left behind once he went to Hollywood to compete on Idol.

But the sacrifice, the tears and the hard work have been well worth it, whether James Durbin wins the American Idol title or whether he does not. His ability to carry a heavy metal tune in a competition where past Idol finalists have stuck to safer genres--like country and pop--is a true testament to his prowess.

So is the fact that, week after week, James Durbin seems to reinvent himself, leaving everything he has "on the stage"--a function of his artistry that this contestant pointed out last week when speaking to Ryan Seacrest after he literally sang his heart out on American Idol. And it is this kind of formidable delivery that stays with his growing fan base who are a loyal group and very vocal on the social media scene.

So, with all this being said and at the end of the small screen competition, will James Durbin win American Idol 2011? Time and a lot of viewer voting will tell, but meanwhile, it seems this California dude is already in line to become a super star no matter what the outcome. To be sure, there's plenty of excitement ahead for this spectacular singer from Santa Cruz.

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James Durbin

I loved your article ! I have never been so emotionally connected to a contestant like , I am James., He is a rare one and a very special person. James Durbin wins American Idol handsdown , in my opinion. I feel america has gotten the winner of American Idol wrong the last 2 years, maybe they will get it right this time. James Durbin will be a super star ! sit back and watch.

James Durbin

I Love James!! James has the passion a true artist needs!:) Thanks for this article.

James has an unbelievable

James has an unbelievable ability to connect with his fans. His willingness to share his personal life and show his emotions freely makes his fans feel like we are all his best friends and that he cares about each and every one of us. He is the only interesting contestant on the show this year, and the only reason I am watching.

(Video) true HD James Durbin "Uprising" - Top 7 American Idol 2011 (Apr 20)

Great article but

"Turret's syndrome?" Does he shoot things? "Ticks are more pronounced?" I hope you just mean "tics," otherwise get the kid some tweezers.

James Durbin

Jane Lasky, your article on James was powerful and engaging. I love James and have been following him for many months since local newspapers here in northern California have been writing articles about him even before American Idol started! However, please have someone proof read and edit for you! "Turret's syndrome" should be "Tourette's syndrome" and "ticks" are "tics." Granted, I am a psychotherapist, so those terms are second nature to me....

James...more than good enough

We all saw James voted off of Americal Idol tonight which sadly proves that although he was predicted to be the winner, he indeed is not. I was pulling for James and appreciated his incredible talent and fabulous performances. While some may think he was not good enough to win American Idol 2011, I think there are many who know James was more than good enough and will share with us all his gift of music and performing through a long and successful career.

(Video) Elimination of James Durbin - American Idol 2011 Top 4 Results Show - 05/12/11

Long Career ahead

Have you heard his Star Spangled Banner on YouTube? James will have as long a career going as far as he wants, and not just in metal. I hope he is able to keep the values he seems to have. I am a fan of those as well as of his singing, hard work, courage and humility.

Its not just Americans that love James, we do too in Australia.

Great article....We get American Idol in Oz land and i must say we love him and are sure he will win this.If he doesnt, i am sure he will have a long career. A very gifted musican and he really sings from his heart....JAMES DURBIN...your a star!!!

James Durbin

We love him in Canada too! But as far as I am concerned this year they had the best top 10 they have ever had. I think quite a few of them have been noticed by the right people and their careers will have a kick start. Good luck to the top 4! They are all mega talented young people.


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James Durbin, who won praise from the American Idol judges during season 10 for his rock vocals, has exited Quiet Riot after singing lead with the band for just over two years. Durbin, 30, joined the veteran heavy hard rock band in March 2017.

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