The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (2023)

The support role in League of Legends can often be a thankless job. A good support can go relatively unnoticed during the game, but playing poorly can get you ruthlessly flamed.

The types of supports in League can be split into three categories: Enchanters, engagers, and poke supports. While some champions cross over into multiple categories, it’s a pretty safe golden triangle to go by.

Enchanter supports, like Soraka or Nami, focus on keeping the bot lane carry alive through the laning phase with heals and shields. Enchanter supports usually go well into poke supports because they can out-sustain the poke, but struggle into engagers due to a lack of mobility and relative squishiness.

Engage supports, like Alistar or Leona, look to all-in the enemy bot lane during the laning phase with crowd control and high early-game damage. They can capitalize on enchanters during the laning phase because of their lack of poke, but can’t deal with poke supports effectively since they whittle down your health before you can even think about engaging.

Poke supports, like Zyra or Brand, succeed by annoying the enemy laners as much as possible with long-range abilities, forcing them to waste their potions or heals. If an enemy gets greedy, they also have a fair amount of burst in their kits to delete them from Summoner’s Rift. Because of this, they can deal with engage supports. But enchanters can usually out-sustain a poke support’s mana pool, rendering their poke ineffective.

With this in mind, let’s break down the top five supports for League’s Patch 12.15.


The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (1)


  • Good scaling
  • Amazing in disengaging and protecting your allies


  • Squishy
  • Not that easy to master

At the start of the season, Janna was one of the most popular champions in solo queue due to a new and rather unusual way of playing her. The strategy was simple—all you had to do was to pick Smite, assist your jungler, and pick up all the objective bounty gold. But now Janna returns to the meta as traditional support who reigns supreme in the bot lane.

Item build

The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (2)

Janna has lots of crowd control tools, which she can use to lock down enemy champions or to disengage and create space for her allies. When you have a support with a few CC abilities, it’s always worth picking Glacial Augment as your main rune. With this rune under your belt, you will be to create slow zones around enemy champions that have been struck with an immobilizing skill, slowing them down further and creating more space for your team to react and finish them off.

Afterward, it’s best to choose runes that will allow you to replenish your stats during the laning phase and that will help you with gold management and cooldowns. Biscuit Delivery is a must-have for Janna due to her being mana-hungry, especially in the early game. Magical Footwear will allow you to spare some gold, which is needed for other support items. Lastly, we have Cosmic Insight, which lowers the cooldowns of your Summoner’s Spells and active abilities on items, of which you will have quite a few.

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To finish your rune choices, there is no better option than Font of Life and Revitalize from the Resolve tree. The former marks the opponents you immobilize, allowing your allies who attack the marked enemies to heal. Revitalize, on the other hand, enhances the power of your shield and heals, which combined with Heal is very powerful.

Ability priority

While playing Janna, the best way to spend your ability points is R>E>W>Q. Eye of the Storm (E) has both aggressive and defensive capabilities, since it empowers your healing and shielding every time you impair an enemy champion, and you can use this ability to shield your ally as well. Once they’re shielded, they deal more damage, which can make a difference when trading in the laning phase. Zephyr (W), on the other hand, gives you more movement speed while available, making it easier to roam, which is key in the meta. It can also strike a single enemy and slow them down for a fair amount.

Game plan

Janna is truly versatile support, however, one of her cons is a fairly weak early game. During that phase, her cooldowns are long, her abilities consume a lot of mana to activate, and she doesn’t have strong basic statistics on her own. Thus, before you reach level six, you shouldn’t be stepping out of the line too much. instead, you should just try to safely get to that milestone with your AD carry.

Once you reach level six, you could start roaming throughout the map. Janna is quite squishy and doesn’t have a lot of ganking potential, but when combined with a jungler, she can really make a difference. Therefore, if there’s a window of opportunity somewhere on Summoner’s Rift, don’t hesitate to roam there and do your best.

Janna also does great in teamfights, due to her aggressive and defensive qualities. She can land a crowd control combo and help you catch enemies that are fleeing or out of position or can make a lot of space with her ultimate, where her allies can heal as well. What you do depends solely on the game state, so make sure to evaluate that throughout the match.

Renata Glasc

The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (3)


  • Amazing poke
  • An ultimate that can decide teamfights
  • Incredible scaling with today’s meta AD carries


  • Not very mobile and squishy
  • Difficult to master

Renata Glasc is the latest support to join League of Legends, and she has already heralded herself as one of the best in the game. The Chem Baronees possesses a truly powerful set of unique abilities that can influence any state of the game.

Still, it doesn’t mean that picking Renata will instantly win you a game. There are sufficient ways to counter the champion. At the same time, she’s really tough to master, and many players will have issues playing her in their first matches.

Item build

The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (4)

On Renata Glasc, your best bet is to go for the Guardian tree. While playing the champion, you will be looking to make an impact in teamfights, and in most cases, you’re going to be at the back, shielding your teammates and providing aid with your other skills. For this reason, having Guardian to enhance survivability is recommended.

With the other three choices in the Resolve tree, you’ll improve your poking, sustainability, and tenacity, all of which are essential on Renata. Due to her not having any escape tools and being quite immobile, choosing Cosmic Insight is a good option. It’s also worth going for Biscuit Delivery since Renata is quite mana-hungry.

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Ability priority

Renata Glasc’s skill priority is R>E>W>Q. With Loyalty Program, you have the ability to poke opponents and shield your allies at the same time. Since today’s meta is full of AD hypercarries, your best plan would be to go for W afterward to increase their damage and grant them additional survivability.

Game plan

With Renata Glasc, players can sometimes get lost due to the many possibilities that the champion offers. The main goal during the game, however, should be to scale well into the mid-game where you can start wreaking havoc with your ultimate.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t think about skirmishes early. Although, due to Renata being quite mana-devouring, immobile, and squishy, those can often end up badly for you. Therefore, be careful in the first minute of the game, and always keep an eye on the enemy jungler’s location.

In the deciding teamfights, remember not to overcommit and stay behind your front line. Your abilities can influence the battles in a major way, so it would be a shame if you died early. Also, keep in mind that opponents are probably aware of your potential, and will hence try to eliminate Renata at the beginning of each fight.


The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (5)


  • Fantastic utility and healing
  • Global ultimate
  • Annoying in lane


  • Squishy
  • You will probably be targeted first
  • No engage or hard CC

When it comes to healing champions in League of Legends, there’s probably no better one than Soraka. With two healing abilities, she can immediately restore hundreds of health points for her allies. But like every champion in the game, she also has plenty of cons that can be easily exploited. Nevertheless, we’ll walk you through them.

Item build

The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (6)

Aside from her healing, Soraka has an annoying kit with her Q and E, which can often win you the lane. She’s great at poking, therefore it’s worth increasing that asset even more by choosing Summon Aery. That major rune from the Sorcery tree will send an Aery to enemies, which damages them a bit more. If you want a more aggressive option, though, you can always switch that for Arcane Comet.

You will be using your abilities left and right, so it’s more than natural that you will quickly run out of mana. To help with that, it’s sensible to pick Manaflow Band, which increases your maximum mana and gives you a bit more mana regeneration. Transcendence and Scorch, on the other hand, lower the cooldowns of your abilities and increase your damage, which as we said, can make a tremendous difference in lane.

When it comes to the two filler runes, the best choices are Bone Plating and Revitalize from the Resolve tree. Soraka will most likely end up as the first target of your enemies, so it’s smart to pick up some defensive qualities with those two runes, which make you take less damage and enhance your healing power.

Ability priority

On Soraka, there’s one proper ability priority order: R>W>Q>E. As we explained, her poking qualities can often win you the lane in the laning phase. Nevertheless, her strongest asset is still the healing she can provide from Astral Infusion (W). Once the mid game comes around, you want to have it maximized so you can save your allies from going back to the fountain.

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Game plan

When playing Soraka, a lot depends on her duo partner in lane and on the opposing bot duo. If you have the chance to do so, you should poke the enemy AD carry and support, creating space for your ADC to peacefully farm. But if you are matched against duos with aggressive supports that might easily pick you out of nowhere, like Blitzcrank, Pyke, or Thresh, we advise you to play it safe. You’ll still have plenty of work to do in the late game.

Soraka will be targeted by opponents due to her incredible healing, which has a low cooldown, and her global ultimate. The amount of health you can restore in a short span of time is eye-watering. Therefore, it’s best to eliminate Soraka as fast as possible. As a result, you should always hide behind your allies. If they bite a bullet or two for you, you will always be able to patch them up quickly.

In terms of items, Soraka works the best once she has some utility-improving ones under her belt, like Redemption, Moonstone Renewer, and Ardent Censer. Besides them, it’s really smart to have some items that increase your survivability in teamfights, like Warmog’s Armor or Frozen Heart.


The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (7)


  • Tanky
  • Game-changing ultimate
  • Plenty of utility


  • Immobile
  • Easy to shut down

Taric is yet another unique support in the game who has often been called one of the most versatile options—and for good reason. In his kit, players will find healing, a stun, and an ultimate that makes his team invulnerable to any damage for a few seconds. Mastering and making perfect use of him is no easy feat, though.

Item build

The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (8)

Taric is one of a few supports in League that has a targeted stun, which comes from his E. It’s fairly easy to lock down enemy squishes with it, so it’s smart to pick Glacial Augment. With that, every immobilized champion will send three glacial rays from them toward you and other enemies, which will often turn the battlefield in your favor. Each zone slows opponents and reduces their damage against you and your allies.

Down the line, players should choose runes that enhance their utility, both in the laning phase and the game overall. Therefore, Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery should be picked, which allow Taric to save some gold early and grant him a bit of extra health and mana in the first six minutes of the game. Cosmic Insight, on the other hand, lowers the cooldowns of your item abilities and summoner spells, which will come in handy in the late game.

Last but not least, you want to be as tanky as you can so you can properly use your ultimate in teamfights. To boost your defensive qualities, it’s smart to go for Conditioning and Revitalize, which give you additional resistances and increase your shielding and healing power.

Ability priority

While playing Taric, players should go for this ability priority order: R>E>Q>W. Having Dazzle (E), his stun, on a lower cooldown is much more helpful than having a stronger heal early on since you want to go for favorable trades and roams whenever you can. Nevertheless, after you have Dazzle at level five, easily maximize your healing potential from Starlight’s Touch (Q).

Game plan

The game plan on Taric is as simple as it can be. You want to put your stun from E to use as fast as possible, so you either should look for trades in the laning phase or for opportunities to roam with your jungler. When it comes to the former, though, you may get easily poked out by ranged supports, so in most cases you should just try roaming as soon as you hit level three, similarly to Pyke.

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As the game goes on, the crucial point of playing Taric is proper ultimate usage. If you use it too fast, enemies will just disengage and wait for it to wear off. If you use it too late, your allies or you might not live long enough to receive the invulnerability from it. Therefore, it’s necessary to know about the risks of the enemy team composition and how to play against them. What’s more, try to stay more in the backline before you use your ultimate so that your life doesn’t go to waste.

In terms of items, Taric will pick up standard options for tanky, utility-oriented supports. Items like Locket of the Solari and Winter’s Approach (which transforms into Fimbulwinter) are mandatory. Afterward, you can either increase your support utility with picks like Watchful Wardstone and Knight’s Vow, or enhance your tankiness with Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Heart, or Warmog’s Armor.


The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (9)


  • Two great crowd control tools
  • Quite tanky
  • Fantastic engages and teamfighting


  • Tough to make an impact once fallen behind
  • Skillshot oriented

Originally a jungler, Amumu has been shifting toward the support role in the past few years—and in season 12, he’s one of the best in the game. His tremendous crowd control tools make him an invaluable asset for any team, while his tankiness and other abilities allow him to quickly take control of the bot lane and late-game teamfights.

Item build

The Best Support Champions in LoL: Tiered Ranking List for Patch 12.15 (10)

Amumu’s gameplay relies mostly on going in with his Bandage Toss and then immobilizing as many enemies as he can with Curse of the Sad Mummy. Therefore, the wisest major rune Amumu support can get is Aftershock. It increases his resistances after immobilizing enemy champions, which makes it easier to survive after you engage. After 2.5 seconds of immobilizing an enemy, the rune will also explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Next in line we have Font of Life, Bone Plating, and Unflinching. The former marks the enemy champion once you immobilize it, allowing your allies to heal when they target the marked opponents. The other two runes simply bolster your tankiness by making you take less damage from enemy champions and boosting your resistances a little.

Amumu’s main asset is his ultimate, which has a long cooldown. To lower it, you should choose Ultimate Hunter from the Domination tree, which shortens it with every unique takedown. Cheap Shot works nicely with your kit since it makes Amumu deal more damage to impaired champs.

Ability priority

On Amumu, there is no better ability priority than R>Q>E>W. Bandage Toss (Q) is Amumu’s main gap closer, engage tool, and skill overall, besides his ultimate. Like most of his abilities, though, it has a lengthy cooldown and takes quite a lot of mana to use, so it’s best to maximize it first to make it easier to use. Afterward, it’s much smarter to put points in Tantrum (E) instead of Despair (W) since the former makes you take reduced damage and deals more damage than the latter if you activate it.

Game plan

Amumu’s game plan is very similar to other aggressive supports like Blitzcrank, Nautilus, and Pyke. Your goal is to take over control of the game as early as possible.

Naturally, at first, you’d like to win your bot lane, but that’s often dictated by your duo partner and the two enemies you are facing. In the end, some compositions should always win over the others. And with Amumu, once you go in, you put it all on the line. If you have an aggressive, high-damage early AD carry like Lucian to follow you, you may easily engage. But otherwise, it’s not advised.

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In the meta, supports often follow junglers around, so if you’re not lucky in the bot lane, you may search for some easy kills and assists in other lanes, especially since they may activate your Ultimate Hunter rune faster. In teamfights, your main goal is to engage into squishy targets, though that’s easier said than done. You will be your team’s frontline, however, so make sure you engage onto as many targets as you can and stun a few enemies with your ultimate.

When it comes to items, Evenshroud is your best choice due to the defensive qualities it brings. Afterward, you should obtain more defensive items like Thornmail and Watchful Wardstone, though Zhonya’s Hourglass is also advised.

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Who is the best support in League of Legends? ›

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  • 4/10 Alistar.
  • 3/10 Soraka.
  • 2/10 Morgana.
  • 1/10 Renata Glasc.
24 Jul 2022

Who is s tier in LoL? ›

The highest performing LoL champions are given an S tier while the remaining champions are ranked from A to D tier. LoL Tier List ranks are based upon champion win rate, PBI index, best on champion win rate and best on champion average elo.

What is the best champion in LoL? ›

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Is Karma a good support? ›

Karma Build 12.10 ranks as an F-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of (Bad), Pick Rate of (High), and a Ban Rate of (Low). Using Sorcery Runes and a support item build, combine with the Enchanter playstyle, this is a easy to play champion in league of legends.

What is good support? ›

Being a good supporter to someone is broken down into 3 major components: integrity, caring, and congeniality. Fun to be around – you have to genuinely enjoying being around this person. These are just a few traits to look for when building your support system.

What champion has the highest ban rate? ›

Table of contents
  • Most Banned Champions.
  • 1.1. Morgana | 27.2%
  • 1.2. Teemo | 28.8%
  • 1.3. Blitzcrank | 31.4%
  • 1.4. Lux | 35.2%
  • 1.5. Master Yi | 38.7%
  • 1.6. Zed | 39.7%
  • 1.7. Yasuo | 41.8%
1 Sept 2022

How old is Zeri? ›

It also states that Zeri is approximately 22-27 years old. Her biography extensively mentions her mother and her grandmother and Riot Games calls her a “young woman.” With these details, one can be sure that the approximation of her age could be correct.

What does Z tier mean? ›

Z tier = Broken or Best in Role.

What is F tier? ›

F Tier is a tier in the game's meta and it's the worst tier. These builds are almost never played seriously or successfully. They are good for a laugh or two but nowhere near viable. Unless these builds are buffed, they will not be viable for the meta anytime soon.

What is C tier? ›

• Tier C = mid to high level students (proficiency levels 4-5 and beyond) Several factors may be used to determine a student's appropriate tier placement, including: • Teacher judgment based on his or her knowledge and experience with a student.

Who is the first champion in LoL? ›

As one of the oldest League of Legends champions, Sion's lore shares a lot of history with other League of Legends champions. Nowadays, the canonical version states that it was Sion who Killed Jarvan I and is using his crown as his lower jaw.

Which Jungler has highest win rate? ›

As it stands, the best jungler in the game is Volibear, with a win rate of 53.67%.

Who is a good duo with karma? ›

Everfrost works great on Karma as she needs to extend her CC abilities. She always spends time close and personal to her enemies because of her W snare. This duo would also greatly profit from this as their CCs can be chained together to lock down one enemy for more than 5 seconds.

How do you counter karma? ›

Counter Information

Try to avoid her harass. Try to avoid Karma's Inner Flame, and leave its radius if Mantra has applied to avoid bonus damage. Avoid being tethered by Karma's Focused Resolve for long periods as it will eventually root you. As Karma is dependent on AP, building magic resistance may prove effective.

Is karma support or MID? ›

While Karma is predominantly picked as a support by casual players, in professional play, the Ionian enchanter is known as one of the game's most flexible picks. Support Karma dominates solo queue with 91.2% of her playrate and a 47.73% win rate in LoL patch 11.15 according to stats site LoLalytics.

Is support hard LoL? ›

The Support role is often considered to be the most difficult role to play in League of Legends. It may only be second to the Jungle and by a close margin. Supports have to worry about so many things at once that I regularly admire the best Support players out there.

Is support important LoL? ›

Although some people may disagree, support is a vital role if not one of the most important roles in the game. Support players control the flow of the game and a great deal of map control. Supporting may seem like sitting in a bottom brush daydreaming, but it is a lot more than that.

What is a good KDA for support LoL? ›

Instead, it's better to compare the average KDA for individual Champions, where anything above a 2:1 kill-death ratio is considered good. Still, the real statistic you want to look at is win rate. Your specific LoL KDA may seem lower than average, but it's the number of wins that counts the most.

Who is the most broken character in league? ›

I would say that Aphelios is one of the most unique Leagues champions. His skill combinations and his skill, in general, have not been seen before. Without a doubt, he is the most broken ADC in the game.

What champ has the lowest pick rate? ›

Annie. Annie – Support, has a low pick rate of 0.31% – she's the champion with the lowest pick-rate, actually.

Who has the lowest play rate in League of Legends? ›

Aurelion Sol | Pickrate 0.5%

This champion has almost no presence, be it in solo queue or other game modes.

What is Zed ban rate? ›

Is Zed like incredibly strong atm? His WR sits at 50%, compared to Talon with 53% WR and only 6% ban rate lol.

What is Yasuo ban rate? ›

Win rate48.6%
Pick rate9.0%
Ban rate19.1%

What is a good win rate in lol? ›

A number like 54% or more means that you're definitely on the good path to consistently ranking up. All things considered, 52.5% is the lowest good winrate, with the natural state of things that the higher it gets, the more impressive it is.

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Ekko is estimated to be 13 years old in the first act of the series and is estimated to be 19-20 years old in the second and third act.

How old is Samira? ›

Universe. Samira is 32 years old as of 996 AN (she was born around 964 AN).

How old is Zoe LOL? ›

While a later patch fixed some of the issues introduced in 7.23, we're here to focus on Zoe, the Aspect of the Twilight, who's essentially a 5,000 year old celestial being in the form of an innocent looking child.

Why is s tier better than A? ›

Tier rankings may be listed using letter gradings. The competitive community surrounding Guilty Gear Xrd, for instance, ranks characters as 'S', 'S-', 'A+', and 'A', where 'S tiers' are particularly powerful and 'A tiers' less so.

What is above God tier? ›

High Tier: All-around good choices. Usually, they are here because they have advantages over a Top or God Tier character(s) and beat a lot of lower-tier characters. They have only a few weaknesses.

What is B tier? ›

B Tier is a tier in the game's meta. These builds are above average but not amazing. B tier is made up of builds that aren't extremely powerful or efficient, but are still better than most. Still viable, but far from outstanding. Expect most builds you see to be hovering around this range.

What does S Rank stand for? ›

A ranking originating from academic grading in Japan used to describe a level superlative to grades such as A, B, etc.; it may be used in real or fictional tournaments or ranking lists such as in martial arts, fights in fiction, video games or in tier lists.

Is Tier 1 the highest or lowest? ›

Tier 1 is the lowest and Tier 8 is (currently) the highest.

The Tiers are designated by Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) etc.

When did s Tier become a thing? ›

Despite its ubiquity in Japan, it took a long time for the S rank to circulate around the world. According to a list on Giant Bomb, the first western-produced games to use the S rank came out in 2007, an unlikely trio consisting of The Red Star (a Playstation 2 game based on a graphic novel,) osu!

How do you use tier lists? ›

How To Make A Tier List | Create A Custom Tier List - YouTube

What is a character tier list? ›

A tier list is a ranking system that allows you to rank anything in tiers from the best to worst.

Who is the hardest support in LoL? ›

  • 7 Hardest Support Champions In League Of Legends.
  • Thresh. Thresh is (along with Blitzcrank) another champion who is known for his hook by which he attracts enemy champions and thus incapacitates them to escape. ...
  • Bard. ...
  • Blitzcrank. ...
  • Rakan. ...
  • Alistar. ...
  • Taric. ...
  • Zyra.
28 Jul 2022

Is jinx easy? ›

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is a fairly simple champion for beginners of League of Legends. While her kit is simple, that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to show a high level of skill when playing this ADC.

Who is the best late game champion in LoL? ›

To start off strong we have Nasus, the true shuriman monster in League of Legends who can impose fear to the enemy team in the late game, everyone knows that Nasus is one of the strongest late game champions because of his “Q” ability “Siphoning Strike”, which can stack insane amounts of damage as he kills minions, ...

Why is Singed named Singed? ›

Coincidentally, Singed is an anagram for the word design, befitting his history of being one of the earliest designed champions.

How many LOL players are there? ›

League of Legends has a total of 150 million registered players. Over 117 Million players are actively playing monthly and 10 – 11 active players daily.

When was Jinx released? ›

October 10th, 2013

Is Caitlyn good lol? ›

Caitlyn has always been one of the safest ADC picks in the bot lane. Since her rifle provides her with long-range auto attacks, she's also one of the best League of Legends champions for beginners. Caitlyn relies on staying behind her team and using her abilities and basic attacks to poke the enemies.

How do you Pyke mid? ›

How CHALLENGER players are using PYKE MID to climb - YouTube

Is Fiddlesticks a good champion? ›

Fiddlesticks Build 12.10 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of (Good), Pick Rate of (High), and a Ban Rate of (Medium).

Is keria the best support? ›

Not only is Keria the best support in the world, but he also looks better mechanically while playing off-role than most pro players that main their roles. And, even in support, Keria picked 16 unique champs this Spring, putting him ahead of even Targamas.

Why is Lux a support? ›

Lux can be one of the best support champions in LoL if played correctly. Unlike Lulu or Janna, Lux shouldn't play passively and only shield her ADC. Instead, Lux's range and damage allow her to play aggressively and give her ADC all the freedom they need. Providing CC is also why Lux support is great!

Is Nami a good support? ›

Nami is actually a really good support, I don't really know why people don't play her more. Her heal is deceptively strong: it can hit three times if you are in the right situation, and it has a very short cooldown, and relatively low cost, it's definitely one of the stronger heals in the game.

Is Seraphine a good support? ›

Although my preference is Support, Seraphine actually excels as a solo laner. Riot intended for her to be a Midlane mage but she has found a strong Support position.

Who is Gumayusi brother? ›

He is the younger brother of Lee "INnoVation" Shin-hyung, a South Korean former professional StarCraft II player.

Is keria leaving T1? ›

Keria leave for main roster. Keria join from academy roster. Keria's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 16 November 2020. ⁠DRX.
KR⁠ ⁠T1April 28, Keria's contract is extended through 2023. e
KR⁠ ⁠T1June 9, Keria's contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 20 November 2023. e
1 more row

Is neeko or LUX better? ›

Neeko wins against Lux 53.67% of the time which is 4.58% higher against Lux than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Neeko wins against Lux 2.21% more often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Neeko build & runes against Lux.

Can Lux go ADC? ›

Lux is a grand champion that can peel and play aggressively. She has high versatility, which means there are lots of ways you can play here, depending upon the situation. She works great with most ADCs, but the ones mentioned above are the top 5 ADCs with so much value when paired with Lux support.

Which lane should LUX go? ›

In the hands of new players and seasoned veterans, Lux can provide plenty of utility and damage in any team composition. She can be played in both the mid lane and support role, depending on your playstyle and preference.

Who works well with Nami? ›

These are generally Lux, Kayle, Nunu, Janna, Morgana, Oriana, Sona, Soraka and Zyra. But it all boils down to skills in the end, as a good Nami can obliterate a decent Sona. Miss Fortune has great synergy with Nami as MF's slow allows Nami to easily land her bubble.

How good is Sona? ›

Sona is a great beginner-friendly support champion in League of Legends. She is easy to play and doesn't require a lot of knowledge or mechanical skill. Sona can carry games by constantly healing and shielding her allies while giving them bonus movement speed. And Sona's R can win a teamfight alone.

How hard is Nami? ›

in conclusion, nami is very hard, and i respecc nami players that can hit q's and r's. i will never see nami players as OwO egurl gamer janna-main-esque players ever again.

Is Sona or Seraphine better? ›

Sona Support vs Seraphine Support Build & Runes

Sona wins against Seraphine 47.00% of the time which is 2.47% lower against Seraphine than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Sona wins against Seraphine 3.97% less often than would be expected.

Is JHIN good with Seraphine? ›

Seraphine wins against Jhin 47.13% of the time which is 1.13% lower against Jhin than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Seraphine wins against Jhin 1.63% less often than would be expected.

Who is Seraphine best with? ›

Theoretically speaking, Draven may be the strongest ADC partner for Seraphine. And if the two players are on the same page, these champions can hard-carry each game in League of Legends. It's important to understand the goal of this duo – keep Draven alive at all costs and let him auto-attack as much as possible.


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