Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (2023)

Chuck/God is a primordial entity, second only to his older sister, Amara The Darkness. In theSupernaturalseries, Chuck appears as a profit of the Lord who is writing “the Winchester Gospel.” His books chronicle the lives of Sam and Dean, whom he claims to see in his prophetic visions forced on him against his own will. It is not until season 11 that Chuck admits he’s been God all along, although he prefers to be called Chuck.

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His presence evokes anger, awe, and even disappointment. As a primordial force that created all of the Heavens, the universe, the angels, demons, and everything in between, including alternate universes, he is still a petulant little brother full of self-pity. Note: This is about the character “Chuck” who is God in the TV showSupernatural. It is not meant to have anything to do with the Christian God or canon from the Holy Bible.


Created The Universe Out Of Selfish Desire

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (1)

Chuck locks away Amara in a cage that is never meant to be open. She is the darkness and the Nothingness to his light and Creation. But, when he does this, he is lonely. The archangels he created to help him fight Amara are nothing more than soldiers to him. He creates the universe in that loneliness and boredom, not to give others life but to have something all his own. It was always about Chuck’s story, and everyone else was just living in it.

Cast Out Lucifer And Had Michael Banish Him To Hell

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Lucifer, the favorite son, does not want to serve God’s creation. He wants only to love his father, but Chuck wants soldiers who will obey him. When Lucifer refuses to abide by the plot he set, Chuck cast him out of heaven and then had his other archangel son Michael banish Lucifer to Hell. He’s so adamant to stick to his story and that it has to be his that he creates a lifetime of resentment from his son and puts him in a realm of fire and punishment forever.

Retreated Into Seclusion... Until His Story Went Off The Rails

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (3)

After the family feud of the universe, Chuck retreated to Earth and secluded himself, vowing inaction with the characters he has created in his world. But, when his story goes off the rails, he inserts himself as the character of Chuck the prophet in order to manipulate events toward the apocalypse.

That’s the story he wanted, and he was angry when his creation decided not to stick to it. He realized then that free will was a double-edged sword and used the character of Chuck to manipulate things without using his omnipotent power, thus ensuring that free will still exist, at least in his mind.

The Self-Pitying Writer Character

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As the character of Chuck, God is a self-pitying writer who apparently can’t do anything else due to the crippling nature of his prophetic visions. He comes off as a writer with a small cult following that’s kind of goofy and shy. Later on, he seems to adopt this character in more depth and asks people to refer to him by his Chuck moniker instead of as God.

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When Sam and Dean first meet Chuck as the prophet, he acts as if he created them through writing his books, a subtle nod to who he really is that goes unnoticed until later. He apologizes for what he put Sam and Dean through and acts like he should be pitied for having to write the events and make them happen.

Suicidal Tendencies

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (5)

God, the omnipotent, self-pitying little brother got so low that he was ready to let all of creation fall with his death just because he was tired of fighting with his big sister. As if the self-pitying writer persona wasn’t enough, being number two was too much for him.

It wasn’t just that his power was taking a hit—quite literally near the end of the story with Amara—Amara wanted to eradicate all of his creations. She wanted to take away the toys that her little brother wanted so badly that he locked her away so that she couldn’t play with them, too.

The Continued Issues With His Prodigal Son

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (6)

Lucifer is duplicitous in so many ways, and one of the biggest ones in his love/hate relationship with his father, Chuck. During the terror that was Amara, Lucifer went home—that is, he went back to heaven and he was happy to be an archangel there.

Bu,t when he tried to help beat Amara, his power came up short, and she pulled him out and tossed him to find the vessel of an aging rockstar. Lucifer’s continued vendetta against his father stems from Chuck’s continued need to be appreciated. Lucifer won’t bow, and, instead, he takes that rage to a place that drives him to create the only weapon that can kill god: his own son, Jack. It was one thing to apologize, but, if Chuck had just been able to let it go and give Lucifer his place among his family, he may not have had to deal with what came next.

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More Inaction

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (7)

Again, the world is plunged into an indecisive cat and mouse game with the most dangerous weapon to humankind at large as Lucifer hops vessels looking for more power. Chuck vanishes off into the sunset with Amara and leaves the Winchesters with a very confused resurrected Mary, the British Men of Letters after them and all American hunters, and Lucifer’s lust for power and Chuck is nowhere to be found.

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The Winchesters help him reconcile with a sister that plagued him since the beginning of time, his only family, and what does he do when they need serious help against the son that he enraged? More inaction.

His Bitterness Shows

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (8)

Jack shows immense power from the second he starts coming into the world. When his mother is in labor, the power that escapes tears a rift in reality into an alternate universe. This is not the kind of power that Chuck wanted in his story, and, after finally dealing with Amara, he is having none of it.

At first, he allows Dean to spare Jack and seems compassionate. But, when Jack becomes a bigger problem, Chuck turns on his creations and simply kills him. Then, in a feeble attempt to foster free will, he creates The Equalizer, a gun that shoots from a person’s very soul. If damage is dealt to the person shot, it is also dealt to the one doing the shooting. He gives the Winchesters the weapon they wanted, but with a cruel twist.

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Even More Self Pity

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (9)

Chuck’s creation turns on him, and Sam shoots him with the Equalizer, even though it means certain death for him, as well. He cries to Amara about his wound and all the betrayal, hoping she will take pity on him, but she is sick of his whining, too.

The only person who is willing to keep pitying Chuck at this point is Chuck himself. He takes a self-pity tour while Earth crumbles under the chaos he created. As his power dwindles, he laments to anyone he finds about his disappointment in the universe he created.

The Biggest Ego Trip Of All Time

Supernatural: 10 Ways Chuck/God Got Worse And Worse (10)

While Chuck is busy pitying himself, Amara swats away her annoying little brother, who she pinpointed from the very beginning. She knew that all he ever really wanted was people to worship him. He talks on many occasions, one time to Dean, about the utter disappointment he feels in his creations.

He tells alternate universe Michael that he created the deities as fall guys for natural disasters, not so that they could be worshipped, too. He thought of everything, and all in the name of God. So, what happened when it didn’t go his way? He stomped his foot like a petulant child and blamed it all on anyone but himself. In the end, his creations are out to destroy him, too, even if it means destroying themselves.


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