Supernatural: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Chuck (God) (2023)

AsSupernaturalenters its final season, the Winchester brothers face-off their most challenging foe yet, Chuck (God). Dean and Sam were once Chuck's favorite humans. In difficult times, he reached out to them, even once bringing their friends, Castiel and Bobby back to life.

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No matter the situation, Chuck (God) seemed on their side. However, Chuck is now showing all of his colors, and his ego is fragile and bruised. Overall Chuck is a fascinating character and depiction of God, but there are many things that don't make sense about him.


Why Is He Afraid of Jack?

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Chuck appears to be afraid and apprehensive of Jack from the very beginning. Yet, Jack is just the child of a human and an angel, which would mean that Jack should be less powerful than Chuck. This is proved when Chuck easily kills Jack. However, Jack is brought back to life by Death (Billie), who implies that Jack has the power to harm Chuck.

How is Jack so powerful, and what leads Chuck to fear Jack? Strangely, he seems more uneasy about Jack than he did about Amara, the Darkness, his powerful sister.

Why Didn't He Bring Mary Back?

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In the short time that Amara spent with Dean, she realized that Dean was missing someone very important, his mother. Amara brought Mary back to Dean as a parting gift. Chuck has known Dean longer, and he also has the ability to bring the dead back to life. This is displayed when he brings Bobby and Castiel back to life.

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Yet, even knowing that Dean misses his mother, Chuck doesn't bring her back. Did it change his intended story? Could that be the reason that he didn't bring Mary back?

Why Wasn't He Afraid of Amara?

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Amara represented the end of everything that he created. She was the darkness, and she even consumed the souls of his creations, feeding on them. On top of this, she was extremely angry with him about being left and locked away. She had a vendetta, and a good reason to get rid of him. Amara also had the power to make him suffer.

Yet, he isn't ever really afraid of her. He doesn't really care that she would destroy his creations.

How Is He Going to Be Reaped?

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The original Death once told Dean that Death and God are both ancient, and that even God isn't immune to Death. Ultimately, God will also be reaped by Death. However, all of this world is built by Chuck (God), and it's also built on the balance between Light (Chuck) and Darkness (Amara).

It makes no sense that he would be reaped unless there is something to take his place. Also, it makes no sense that he would be reaped by himself. Amara would also have to be reaped in order to obtain balance. Ultimately, how could he be reaped and where would he go once he was? It's intriguing and confusing. Does he even know that Death will kill him? If he did,fans think he'd be more wary of Death than of Jack.

Why Does He Choose to End Certain Worlds?

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There are multiple worlds Chuck has made.Fans have seen the outcomes of the worlds that he's chosen to end. What makes one world a success to him and one a failure? The worlds often share similarities, but have one or two elements that are changed. How many worlds has he made, and how much time does he give the worlds to prove themselves? Fans know that there have been multiple worlds with multiples Deans and Sams. Yet, he only views the current one as the more successful brother-duo.

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While he may be ending this world soon, he still has let it exist for a while, meaning that he seems it as a good world/good story. However, fans don't know his criteria for judging each world/each story.

Why Doesn't He Know of the Powers of His Creations?

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While Chuck is all-knowing, he seems also not to know the nuances of his creations. For instance, Kaia can dream-walk into the world where her doppelganger (Dark Kaia) lives, and Dark Kaia is connected to Kaia's world as well. This appears to be a power Chuck doesn't know about.

If two versions of a character (Kaia) can communicate with each other, what happens when one of those worlds ends? One story/world affects the other. Chuck is all about having control. Kaia's story and very existence demonstrate that he isn't in control.

Why Did He Decide to Put Kevin and Eileen in Hell?

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Prior to the recent seasons, fans had little reason to doubt the overall good nature of Chuck. Kevin and Eileen both originally died in earlier seasons. It was assumed that both were in heaven since they were good people and deserved to be there. However, Sam and Dean discover that Chuck put both in hell.

It could be that fans learn this in order to show that Chuck shouldn't have been trusted, even back in earlier seasons. However, these are the only two (that fans know of) of the Winchester extended friend-family that were secretly put in hell. What was Chuck's reasoning to put them there and no one else?

Why Did He Masquerade as Chuck?

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Fans are made to think that Chuck/God was tired of his heavenly role and desired to live as a human because he loved humans so much. However, he could have become anyone. Why was Chuck the representation that he created?

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Also, if he were to be truly disconnected from heaven, why did he make himself a prophet? It's odd that none of the angels recognized him as God and only saw him as a prophet. But as a heavenly being who wanted a vacation from heaven, it's strange that he chose to still stay connected in the form of a prophet.

Why Is He So Fascinated with the Winchesters?

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Chuckhas created multiple worlds with multiple characters, and yet it is the Winchesters' story that he keeps returning to and trying to revise. What is it about their story that draws him to repeat it in a variety of ways? It could be that he's fascinated by a sibling being pitted against another sibling as he was with Lucifer and Michael. It could be that he's acting out his and Amara's story. Or it could be that the Winchesters are a level of cool that even Chuck/God can't attain.

In some ways, fans think that he would be more interested in a character like Eve, who became a writer/creator on her own without his creative guidance.

How Did His Personality Change So Abruptly?

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Although Chuck/God makes a great and formidable foe, leading to a great last season, his personality changed pretty abruptly. It could be that Chuck/God was like this all along, but the Winchesters (and the audience) didn't know. Still, he easily smote Becky, his once girlfriend, which was something that earlier Chuck/God wouldn't do. He also punished Sam for standing up to him, which is something that he may have praised in previous seasons.

It seems like he is a different character, leading us to sympathize with Amara and Lucifer, wondering if this was the Chuck/God they knew all along.

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