20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding (2023)

In our previous article, we explored the concept of storyboards, why you need one, how to make it, and of course, added some amazing examples to visualize the theory. Today we’ll go a step further and handpick 20 amazing storyboard examples for your inspiration. You’ll be able to see how a rough sketch translates into the final product and it’s going to be awesome. With this in mind, let’s jump right into it and see what the talented creators are up to again.

Storyboard Examples: Overview
1. Concept Video Storyboard Example: Virgin Orbit – Space Exploration
2. Animation Storyboard Example: Bat Nan (She-Kings)
3. Awareness Campaign Storyboard Example: Ahl Masr Hospital
4. Explainer Video Storyboard Example: AZA
5. App Trailer Video Storyboard Example: Salon Life
6. Short Story Video Storyboard Example: Château Noir
7. Story In Pictures Storyboard Example: Little Things We Can’t Do During a Quarantine
8. Commercial Video Storyboard Example: Porsche Taycan Official Commercial
9. App Video Storyboard Example: Interconnect
10. Music Festival Commercial Storyboard Example: Red Bull Music Academy
11. Art Concept Video Storyboard Example: Fold- The Beginning
12. TV Commercial Photography Storyboard Example: Barilla Bio TV
13. Advertising Storyboard Example: Nike Vapormask
14. Comicbook Storyboard Example: Pizza Hut Marvel
15. UX Explainer Video Storyboard Example: The Sales Matrix
16. Example of Conceptual Storyboard
17. 3D Action Animation Storyboard Example: Detained
18. App UX Storyboard Example: Off Bucket App
19. Historical TV Series Storyboard Example: MBC TV
20. Hair Product Commercial Storyboard Example: Hairburst

1. Concept Video Storyboard Example: Virgin Orbit – Space Exploration

20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding (1)

20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding (2)

The first project is related to Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne system that aims to connect rural communities to monitor global climate change. In short, the company within a company plans to provide launch services for small satellites. Clémence Thune is the art director and illustrator for the concept video and we can see how beautifully crafted illustrations transition into a well-planned final video.

2. Animation Storyboard Example:Bat Nan (She-Kings)

Bat Nan is a 2D animated short film by DeeDee animation studio as part of the project She-Kings that has 6 short films and one live-action movie in total. Below, the storyboard features an entire fighting scene made in amazing details by the 2D animator and character designerHuy Hoang Ha. Most of the thumbnails make it into the final product and look mesmerizing.

3. Awareness Campaign Storyboard Example:Ahl Masr Hospital

The next concept is a campaign aiming to engage the adult audience and spread awareness of how serious burns victims need care as fast as possible. This highlights the first 6 hours as the most important in saving the lives of burn victims. The series collaborate with AHL MASR, the 1st hospital of its kind in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa that offers free treatment to trauma and burn victims. Many artists have worked on the vision to create a campaign and emotionally engaging video series.

For example, here we can see the storyboards from the copy that is telling the story of a father who forgets to turn off the heather and falls asleep. Unfortunately, the apartment catches on fire and endangers the life of his son. Even the rough sketches from the storyboard hold pretty strong emotions from the very start.

4. Explainer Video Storyboard Example: AZA

The creator Dinos&Teacups has a very rich gallery of storyboards and entire concepts for explainer videos. However, this one we enjoyed the most so we instantly handpicked it as a great storyboard example. Unlike most of the examples, the sketches here aren’t that detailed and painted and they don’t need to be. Consequently, despite their simplicity, the panels are clear in what they want to indicate and accurately translate into the final video, as you can see in the gifs.

The project itself, AZA (A-Z Atlas) is a concept for a two-way matching system for sellers and buyers.

(Video) How to draw A-grade storyboards (even if you can't draw!) | Media studies tutorial

5. App Trailer Video Storyboard Example: Salon Life

Meanwhile, Salon Life is an app for beauty salon owners to focus on generating more repeat business and saving time with their daily routine.Benoit Drigny is the illustrator, thanks to whom we have this exemplary storyboard that later translates into illustrations and still frames before making it to the final trailer video.

6. Short Story Video Storyboard Example:Château Noir

The author explains Chateau Noir as the transposition of a fairy tale and a metaphor for something else: an intense quest accompanied by fear, joy, death, and the unknown. Indeed, the still shots form this journey and tell a story within a dream.

Unfortunately, as much as we want to see the final video and enjoy the beautiful story, the project hasn’t be completed yet. All we currently have is this atmospheric teaser.

7. Story In Picture Storyboard Example: Little Things We Can’t Do During a Quarantine

Next, this a personal project of the illustrator and picture book maker Marc Majewski who had found a way to give color to his daily routine during the quarantine through a series of illustrations. The pictures tell the story of little things we all love doing but can’t do during a quarantine. On a positive note, these are also the things we will all enjoy doing once it’s all over.

Accordingly, the rough pencil sketches later become a beautifully crafted story in pictures.

8. Commercial Video Storyboard Example: Porsche Taycan Official Commercial

Adonis Alcici created around 100 scenes for the entire storyboard for the Porsche Taycan Launch (Brazil) commercial you’ll see below.

20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding (11)

(Video) The Purpose Of Storyboarding

Storyboard by Adonis Alcici

The illustrator has shared some of the sequence artworks that made it to the commercial, and he also compares them to the final still shots. A perfect example of the creation of a commercial with the use of storyboarding in pre-production.

9. App Video Storyboard Example: Interconnect

Another example of app-video planning comes from the Ukrainian concept artist GARRA with his thumbnail storyboard. Interconnect is an app that helps you find a route from point A to point B and set a departure and arrival date and time. As a result, the final video shows the stories of friends always find a way to each other as time and distance don’t really matter.

10. Music Festival Commercial Storyboard Example: Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull is famous for its fun highly-visual commercials that tell stories without dialogues. In this case, we have a short announcement film for the Red Bull Music Academy festival from September 2016, Paris. Bruno Mangyoku creates the storyboards, script, and overall design and direction of the movie.

11. Art Concept Video Storyboard Example: Fold- The Beginning

Fold: The Begining is a short movie that shows the creation of the world according to Norse Mythology.Gosia Tekieniewska created this art video as a complementary part of a Master’s Diploma project in the style of moving illustration. Moreover, she also shares that during the making of the storyboard for the film, she treated each keyframe as a book spread.

12. TV Commercial Photography Storyboard Example: Barilla Bio TV

Some storyboards consist of photos instead of drawings. In this case, with the Barilla pasta commercial for TV in Italy, the photographer Simone Bramante and the illustrator Cinzia Bolognesi face the challenge to create a short story about organic pasta and tomato sauce. 10 seconds of pure appetite- boosting bliss.

(Video) Common MISTAKES beginning storyboard artists make for animation

13. Advertising Storyboard Example: Nike Vapormask

Also, we see how sketches and drawing on storyboards plan the exact photoshoots for a commercial, shot by shot. In fact, they predict the sequence, composition, and even color schemes. The Nike Vapormask project was planned and executed byLaura Martinez and Giulia Tornello. The two creators also feature inspirational mood boards fr the neon colors and overall vibe of the commercial.

14. Comicbook Storyboard Example: Pizza Hut Marvel

Pizza Hut promotional comic books have been around for decades. In the same way, this cool project byLéo Chiola and James Swift is a nice throwback with a more modern looking style.

15. UX Explainer Video Storyboard Example: The Sales Matrix

20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding (19)

Explanation videos are really hard to make as they need to compress huge amounts of data and present it in a short and in an interesting and visually-appealing way. Therefore, the next example is an infographic video that explains a sales Matrix concept through motion graphics animation. The Explainer Geeks offer their storyboard essential for the final video.

16. Example of Conceptual Storyboard

This storyboard design isn’t for a specific project, but it shows the beauty and creativity that the pre-production process offers. It’s a well-crafted story in detail with atmosphere, motion, lots of emotion, and depth and it can become everything from a comic book to a short movie. In other words, it’s an idea byVipul Mali that he wants to share with the world.

17. 3D Action Animation Storyboard Example: Detained

Detained is a 3D animation project that the authorOrfenn Schuller shares via a very detailed storyboard frame by frame. Also, when we scroll through the panels, it feels as if we’re watching the entire scene animated.

20 Storyboard Examples For Different Uses of Storyboarding (22)

Storyboard Detained by Orfenn Schuller

(Video) STORYBOARDING A 2D ANIMATION / Favourite Shot Types, Camera Moves and Tips / HOW I MADE THIS

In this example, we also see the focus of each frame alongside the motions of the camera, indicated by red arrows.

18. App UX Storyboard Example: Off Bucket App

The Off Bucket app project by Sara Eldebissy offers users personas, user stories, key user flows, and wireframes, but we’ll focus on the UX storyboard as it’s a good example of how you can explain user interaction with a certain product. Therefore, the panels follow the character who gets an idea for a challenge and adds his friends, who accept and do the challenge.

19. Historical TV Series Storyboard Example: MBC TV

These detailed illustrated panels spread through a storyboard dedicated to an episode from tv-series for a channel MBC TV. In addition, the studioXpanse CGI works with Warner brothers, Dark Horse, and Microsoft.

20. Hair Product Commercial Storyboard Example: Hairburst

Last, a very creative concept for a hair product commercial by Nikki Wong. The panels reveal the story of two characters that try to steal a bag of gold, however, they meet a gang of thieves and have to use their secret weapon to prevail: hair. Of course, the commercial makes sure to reveal the reason behind the character’s strong hair in the end.

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our handpicked storyboard examples and all the different uses of storyboarding. If you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to grab a pen and paper or open your favorite storyboard tool and start planning your next project.

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What are the uses of storyboarding? ›

A storyboard is your roadmap when you make a video. Like a script, your storyboard visually guides you throughout the production process. By planning your video, you know which shots you need to create and how to create them when filming begins.

What products can storyboards be used for examples? ›

Industries that use storyboards in advertising production include commercial production, films, event launches, video games, new media and more. And as more productions integrate digital technologies, the association between traditional story art visualization and 3D art is getting stronger.

What are the other five 5 media that use storyboard? ›

  • 2.1 Film.
  • 2.2 Theatre.
  • 2.3 Animatics.
  • 2.4 Photomatic.
  • 2.5 Comic books.
  • 2.6 Business.
  • 2.7 Architectural studios.
  • 2.8 Novels.

What are three 3 main components of storyboard? ›

3 Elements of a Great Storyboard
  • Main Ideas. Creating a great storyboard starts by including in large, bold text the main idea you wish you communicate on each slide. ...
  • Supporting Content. The next step in an effective storyboard is to include the supporting content for each slide. ...
  • Design Cues.
Jun 4, 2019

What kinds of projects can be planned using storyboards? ›

Storyboards are used primarily in film making to design individual shots before filming. They are also common in comic strip, animation, TV commercials, and multimedia design, but can be used for many other sorts of projects.

What are the three reasons why you need a storyboard? ›

Reasons for creating storyboards before a shoot
  • Best tool to share your vision with your team. A visual aid makes it much easier for you to share and explain your vision for your shoot with others. ...
  • Helps manage your production better. ...
  • Saves your time. ...
  • Creating storyboards can help your business. ...
  • Streamline production.

How many types of storyboards are there? ›

There are two basic versions of storyboard format: traditional and thumbnail. In short, the difference between these two layouts comes down to how much detail you include.

What are the two types of storyboards? ›

There are actually two types of storyboards. Keeping movies in mind, these two types of storyboards are called big picture and close-up.

What are the five 5 types of multimedia? ›

Text, image, audio, video, and animation are the five multimedia elements. The first multimedia element is text. Text is the most common multimedia element.

What were the first storyboards used for? ›

The first filmmaker known to have used storyboarding in filmmaking is George Méliès — the special effect pioneer — who used storyboards to visualize his planned effects. However, the process of storyboarding as known today was developed way back in the 1930s at the Walt Disney studio.

How do you get ideas for a storyboard? ›

These seven steps will help you grow your seed of an idea into a finished storyboard that's ready for production.
  1. Define what you want your video to accomplish. Before you break out your drawing pencils, do some pre-planning. ...
  2. Brainstorm. ...
  3. Create a timeline. ...
  4. Start drawing. ...
  5. Add text details. ...
  6. Get feedback. ...
  7. Revise your storyboard.

How are storyboards used in advertising? ›

International ad agencies use storyboards as an effective tool to sell final scripts of commercials to clients, as well as to brief production companies that directly work on producing TV spots, i.e. shoot them. Basically, a storyboard helps all parties to the process to get a clear idea how the TVC will look like.

What are the 4 steps to storyboarding? ›

Read on the get more details about each step.
  1. Step 1: Online vs Paper. Re-ordering frames in Boords. ...
  2. Step 2: Draw your storyboard frames. In brief, keep it rough. ...
  3. Step 3: Edit your storyboard. Now that you've finalised your storyboard, it's the perfect time to consider subtler visual cues. ...
  4. Step 4: Add camera movement.
Jan 11, 2023

How do you make a storyboard with 4 easy steps? ›

How to Make a Storyboard in 4 Easy Steps
  1. Make a shot list. Take a scene from your script and make a shot list. ...
  2. Sketch it out. Whether you're working on a feature film or a short animation, choose one of the more complex sequences, and scope out a vision for the scene. ...
  3. Fill in details. ...
  4. Add words.
Aug 25, 2021

What is the golden rule of storyboarding? ›

The golden rule of filmmaking is that the more time you spend pre-production, the more you can save on production. As a visual representation of a film idea, storyboards are the first step in bringing a story to life on-screen.


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