10 Iconic Sporting Trophies And the Stories Behind Them (2023)

10 Iconic Sporting Trophies And the Stories Behind Them (1)

When a team or an individual receives an iconic trophy, they’ve achieved something highly noteworthy through hard work, skill, and determination. This is never more evident than in professional sports, where some of the best athletes go head to head.. This spirit of competition has helped make several professional sporting trophiestruly iconic. These are 10 famous trophies and the stories behind them.

1. Stanley Cup

As they glide across the ice as gracefully as professional skaters, pro hockey players are in pursuit of the Stanley cup, one of the most famous honors in sporting within the U.S. and Canada. Made from silver molded to form a bowl on top of a silver pedestal, the Stanley Cup is one of the most identifiabletrophies of professional sports that the U.S. and its polite neighbor have to offer hockey teams.

First presented in 1893 to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association on behalf of the affiliated Montreal Hockey Club, the champions of the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) , the trophy has commemorated NHL championship winners. Considering the fierce competition in the NHL playoffs, the award is always won by the team that demonstrates the play required to deserve it.

2. Golf Champion Trophy

Also known as the “Claret Jug”, the Gold Champion Trophy is awarded to the winner of the British Open, one of the most competitive events for golfers on both sides of the Atlantic. First awarded in 1872 as the highest level of sports success in professional golf, this eye-catching trophy made from silver forms a decorative jug that sits on a low pedestal. The Claret Jug is a prized possession for any winning pro golfer.

Golf is often referred to as a game of poise and skill. The same characteristics apply to the creation of the Golf Champion Trophy, which is intricately engraved with its winners’ names. Though it isn’t originally an American sport, winning the Golf Champion Trophy is something every American golfer dreams of. With its classic design, this award commemorates timeless success in pro golf.

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3. Vince Lombardi Trophy

If you spend Sunday afternoons or Monday nights watching professional football games in the NFL, you probably already know about the Vince Lombardi Trophy. If you’re old enough, you might even remember its namesake: Vince Lombardi, an American football player and coach best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s. Featuring a football atop a pedestal, this award cast in silver reflects camera flashes like a mirror.

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The trophy was first awarded on January 15, 1967, to the NFL champion team, the Green Bay Packers. Since then, it has graced the trophy collections of NFL teams from coast to coast. Unlike some professional sports trophies, which are won but not permanently possessed, a new Vince Lombardi Trophy is created every year to award to the most successful team, allowing teams to collect trophies that serve as a tangible reminder of their success.

4. Wimbledon Trophy

Professional tennis players don’t get enough credit for being great athletes, but when they win the Wimbledon Trophy, they have the sporting world’s attention. Called “the oldest and most prestigious professional tennis tournament of the world” by Sporting99, this trophy is actually two pieces combined into one: a shiny, gold metaltrophy cup that features exquisite detail, and a round, detailed, silver tray in which the cup sits.

Held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, a suburb of London, the trophy’s history goes back to 1877when it was created by the All England Lawn Tennis and The Croquet Club as an award to help raise money for a new tennis court roller. Today, the iconic trophy is awarded in the following Wimbledon divisions: Gentelman’s Singles, Ladies’ Singles, Gentleman’s Doubles, Ladies’ Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

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5. Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy

Regular season professional basketball games can be hard to find on TV if you live in a city that doesn’t have an NBA team, but when teams enter the NBA Finals, the event has primetime coverage because the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy is on the line. Made from polished gold, the trophy shows a basketball that’s only centimeters away from sliding through a basketball rim and net.

Originally named the Walter A. Brown Trophy, the trophy was renamed in 1984. Since then, it’s commemorated the success of pro basketball teams that are just as iconic as the trophy itself, such as the 1980’s Boston Celtics and the 1990’s Chicago Bulls. One of the most memorable moments of this trophy’s history involves shooting guard Michael Jordan cradling it as he shed tears of joy for his team’s greatest success.

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6. Commissioner’s Trophy

“America’s greatest pastime” involves a trophy of great significance. Enter the Commissioner’s Trophy, which is awarded by the MLB commissioner to the winner of the U.S. World Series each year. The Commissioner’s Trophy contains flags representing each team in North America’s top two national leagues, The National League and the American League. Made from gold and silver metal, the award stands out on any trophy shelf.

The Commissioner’s Trophy was first awarded in 1967 to the St. Louis Cardinals, who trounced the Boston Red Socks which allegedly perpetuated the “curse” that placed on the Sox when they traded Babe Ruth for a comparably poor return. The most recent Commissioner’s Trophy was designed by Tiffany & Co. to replace the original Lawrence Voegale design. The trophy is one of the most iconic awards in professional sports.

7. Borg-Warner Trophy

Thousands of car racing events are held in the U.S. every year, but none of them are quite as competitive and renowned as the Indianapolis 500. the winner of which receives a miniature version of the original Borg-Warner Trophy. A tall, distinguished trophy cup made with gold and silver and featuring a lid topped by asmall figure holding an auto racing flag, the original award is permanently kept at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

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First awarded in 1936, the trophy takes it name from the automotive supplier that originally commissioned it: Borg-Warner Automotive Company, also known as “BorgWarner”. The design of the replica Borg-Warner Trophy has changed over the years, but, unlike some sporting trophies in this list, the award has held onto its original namesake. If you win the Borg-Warner Trophy, you’re sure to be recognized as one of the best race car drivers on the planet.

8. America’s Cup Trophy

Yachts are often viewed as pleasure vehicles that are best used for slow, leisurely cruise. However, competitive yacht racing takes prominence in the sport’s top event, the America’s Cup, also known as the “auld mug” competition. A classically detailed jug made from silver, the America’s Cup trophy is an award that stands out on any trophy shelf.

The trophy’s history goes back to 1848when Garrard & Co. produced several high-end, off-the-shelf trophies. Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey purchased one and gave it to the Royal Yacht Squadron for its 1851 Annual Regatta, where yachts raced around the Isle of Wight. Originally known as "R.Y.S. £100 Cup", the award was renamed in 1851 in recognition of the winning yacht, a U.S. vessel aptly named “America.”

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9. FIFA World Cup Trophy

In the U.S., we refer to the sport as “soccer”, but what we call soccer is known as “football” all over the world, which explains why the FIFA World Cup trophy is awarded to winners of the “FIFA World Cup association football tournament”. An event that features national soccer teams from around the globe, the tournament is one of the most competitive in professional sports, bar none. The winning team celebrates both personal accomplishment and national glory.

Featuring a prominent, golden globe cast in the likeness of Earth that sits on an organically designed golden pedestal, the award is accented by two polished malachite rings that adorn the base. First awarded in 1930 to Uruguay’s national soccer team, the trophy was originally known as “Victory”, then as the “Jules Rimet Trophy”, before receiving its current name in 1974. Whatever you call it, the award is one of the world’s most iconic sporting trophies.

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10. WWE Championship Belt

Unlike the other, traditionally designed trophies in this list, the WWE Championship Belt is a trophy that comes in the form of a wide belt the winner wears around his waist to show achievement. Some people view WWE wrestling as more of a soap opera than a sport, but there’s nothing disingenuous about the championship belt, which is designed with precious metals and stones and frequently customized to exude the winner’s bravado and prestige.

The WWE Championship Belt first appeared in 1963 when it was awarded to heavyweight wrestler Buddy Rogers. Over the years, the award has been claimed by some of the most recognizable names in the sport, includingHulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The championship belt isn’t something you would wear to complement an outfit, as many winners display it as a wall hanging or in a nice trophy case.

Trophies Commemorate Success

There are plenty of reasons for pro athletes to be successful at the sport they love most. Success can bring salary increases and bonuses, lucrative endorsement deals, international acclaim, and the opportunity to hold the trophy that awards the highest level of competition in their sport. Long after pro athletes retire, and the money stops rolling in like it did when they played, their trophies remain, offering a constant reminder that their feats were worth the effort.

But professional athletes aren’t the only players who deserve trophies for sports success. Amateur athletes, who can be just as motivated as professionals to play the game, merit sporting trophies, too. Wherever a high level of competition exists in a sport that people love to play and cheer for, a great trophy award should be the light at the end of the tunnel.

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What is the most prestigious trophy in all of sports? ›

The iconic FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious trophy in sports. Formerly known as the Jules Rimet Trophy, the 18-carat gold award is worth an estimated $20 million and depicts two people lifting the Earth.

Which trophy is related to which sport? ›

National Sports Cups and Trophies
Sports Cup And TrophiesSports
Vittal TrophyFootball
Vijay Hazare TrophyCricket
Vizzy TrophyCricket
Yadavindra CupHockey
19 more rows

What is the most beautiful trophy? ›

5 Most Beautiful Award Designs in History
  • #1: Wimbledon Cup Trophy. Image Source: Wimbledon Official Page. ...
  • #4: Palme d'Or. Image Source: The Jakarta Post. ...
  • #3: FIFA World Cup Trophy. ...
  • #2: Nobel Prize. ...
  • #1: America's Cup Trophy.

What are the 4 major trophies? ›

The 'quadruple' involves an English team winning the Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and the Premier League in the same season. The likes of the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup aren't really considered because they aren't seen as major trophies.

What's the oldest trophy in sports? ›

The oldest sports trophies in the world are the Carlisle Bells, a horse racing trophy dating back to 1559 and 1599 and were first awarded by Elizabeth I. The race has been run for over 400 years in Carlisle, Cumbria, United Kingdom.

What is the hardest trophy to earn? ›

Triple Crown Trophy

When it comes to degree of difficulty, there can be little argument that the Triple Crown is the toughest accomplishment to reach in sports. Considered the pinnacle achievement in horse racing, the Triple Crown Trophy has not been awarded since Affirmed swept the trio of races in 1978.

What is winning 7 trophies called? ›

Sextuple winners

Pep Guardiola, former Barcelona coach, who achieved the first international sextuple in 2009.

Has any team won all 4 trophies? ›

Has a team ever won the quadruple before? Celtic's Lisbon Lions – in 1966/67 – are the only team to date to have lifted a quadruple of European Cup, domestic league, domestic cup and domestic league cup in the same season.

Which sport is Diamond? ›

The baseball is a bat and ball game and is played on a field called diamond.

Which trophy is related to tennis? ›

The Corbillon Cup and Swaythling cup are played for the World Table Tennis Championship.
International Sports Trophies and Cups.
List of International Sports Cups And Trophies
Cups And TrophiesRelated SportsFounded in the Year
Davis CupTennis (Men)1900
Lord Derby CupRugby1934
Billi Jean King CupTennis (Women)1963
22 more rows

Which trophy is related to chess? ›

The name of the trophies associated with different sports:
ChessNaidu Trophy Limca Trophy
ShootingWelsh Grand Prix North Wales Cup
HockeyAsia Cup Sultan Azlan Shah Cup World Cup Dhyan Chand Trophy
TennisWimbledon Trophy Davis Cup Laver Cup
11 more rows

What is the most famous football trophy? ›

Number 1 – The Premiership Trophy

The Premier League itself was founded in 1992 and has been won 12 times by Manchester United (the most of any) whilst Chelsea and Arsenal have both won it 3 times. Blackburn and Manchester City have each won the title on only 1 occasion. Manchester City are the Current Champions.

Which team has gone the longest without winning a trophy? ›

Big Six longest trophy droughts and how they eventually ended as Spurs edge towards 15 years
  • MANCHESTER CITY – 34 years. ...
  • CHELSEA – 26 years. ...
  • LIVERPOOL – 17 years. ...
  • ARSENAL – 17 years. ...
  • TOTTENHAM – 14 years and counting. ...
  • MANCHESTER UNITED – nine years.
10 Oct 2022

What is the biggest trophy in soccer? ›

The World Cup is a solid gold trophy that is awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup association football tournament. Since the advent of the World Cup in 1930, two trophies have been used: the Jules Rimet Trophy from 1930 to 1970, and the FIFA World Cup Trophy from 1974 to the present day.

What are 5 trophies? ›

In the 2010s, the terms quadruple, quintuple and sextuple have sometimes been used to refer to winning four, five and six trophies in a single season.

What are the 3 European trophies? ›

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is the governing body for association football in Europe. It organises four club competitions: the UEFA Champions League (formerly European Cup), the UEFA Europa League (formerly UEFA Cup), the UEFA Europa Conference League, and the UEFA Super Cup.

Who has won the most trophies ever? ›

Most trophies won by a player in football: Top 10 list (updated)
1Dani Alves43
2Lionel Messi41
3Hossam Ashour39
4Andres Iniesta37
6 more rows
20 Sept 2022

What is the smallest trophy in sport? ›

The Ashes urn, the smallest trophy in world sport, is cricket's biggest prize.

What is the oldest football cup? ›

The Scottish Cup is the oldest trophy in association football. Find out more about its illustrious history.

Is the GREY Cup the oldest trophy? ›

The trophy was commissioned in 1909 by the Earl Grey, at the time he was Canada's governor general. Making the Grey Cup the oldest Professional Football Trophy and one of the oldest Professional Sports trophy's in North America.

What's the hardest sport to win? ›

The Stanley Cup is without a doubt the hardest championship trophy to win in all of professional sports. Harder than winning the Superbowl, harder the winning the World Series, and harder than winning the NBA Title.

What is the easiest platinum trophy to get? ›

Brotherhood United is one of the easiest Platinum trophies available on PSN. Unlocking all of the trophies will take players somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes. While it's not quite a walk in the park in terms of difficulty, it's certainly not going to trouble too many players either.

Which club has won every trophy? ›

The Club World Cup was the only piece of silverware Chelsea had not previously won.

What is it called when you win 3 trophies in a season? ›

A treble in association football is achieved when a club team wins three trophies in a single season.

How many teams have won 6 trophies in a year? ›

In 2009, Guardiola's Barcelona won six trophies — La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup and the Club World Cup — becoming the first team to achieve that.

Which player has won 13 trophies? ›

Giggs spent his entire career at Manchester United, playing almost 1000 games. He won an incredible 13 Premier League titles.

Has a team ever not won a game all season? ›

Detroit was the first non-expansion team to lose every game in a full season since World War II.

Has any team won the triple? ›

They are: Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Celtic, Inter, Manchester United and PSV. Barcelona and Bayern Munich have achieved the feat twice. Barca's first treble came under Pep Guardiola in 2008-09 and their second was achieved in 2014-15, when Luis Enrique was manager.

What sport is the king of sport? ›

Gridiron football is the king of sports – it's the biggest game in the strongest and richest country in the world. In The King of Sports, Easterbrook tells the full story of how football became so deeply ingrained in American culture. Both good and bad, he examines its impact on American society.

What sport is Ruby? ›

Rugby was invented in the early 19th century as a variation on football. It is a team sport where each player can really go all out. Rugby is a 15-a-side team sport. The object of the game is to ground the ball behind the opponent's try line, into what is called the in-goal area.

What is gold ball sport? ›

Goalball is a team sport designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw a ball that has bells embedded in it into the opponents' goal. The ball is thrown by hand and never kicked.

Which trophy is related to volleyball? ›

The trophies related to a volleyball game are the Indira Pradhan trophy, Centennial Cup, and Shivanthi Gold Cup. In this game, two teams of six players are separated by a net. FIVB is the highest governing body of volleyball.

Which trophy is related to basketball? ›

The NBA's championship trophy; awarded to the winning team of the NBA Finals. Named after Larry O'Brien, who served as NBA Commissioner from 1975 to 1984. The NBA's first championship trophy which was awarded to the winning team of the NBA Finals until it was replaced with the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

Which trophy is related to golf? ›

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is i.e Walker Cup. About Walker Cup: The Walker Cup is associated with Golf.

Which cups are related to badminton? ›

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Uber Cup.

Which cup is related to wrestling? ›

Wrestling World Cup is an international wrestling competition among teams representing member nations of the United World Wrestling (UWW) the sport's global governing body. The cups have been conducted by FILA (the UWW predecessor) every year since the 1973 tournament.

Which cup is related to horse racing? ›

Game associated with Cup and Trophy ......
Cup/TrophyAssociated Game
Canada Cup /World CupGolf (World Championship)
Colombo CupFootball (India, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka)
Davis CupLawn Tennis (International)
DerbyHorse Racing (UK)
37 more rows

What is the biggest trophy in England? ›

Every country has at least one domestic Cup, and in England, the biggest and best of them all is the FA Cup. (FA being “Football Association.”) The beauty of the FA Cup is that it is open to the first nine levels of English football described above; usually over 700 teams enter!

Which is the biggest cup in the world? ›

The World Cup is the most prestigious association football tournament in the world, as well as the most widely viewed and followed single sporting event in the world.

What football team has never lost a game? ›

The most famous undefeated team in NFL history is the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who remain the only team ever to finish the regular season with a perfect record and win the Super Bowl. That Dolphins team was 14-0 in the regular season, won three playoff games and then defeated Washington, 14-7, in Super Bowl VII.

Has any team won 10 in a row? ›

10 – Dinamo Tbilisi (1990–1999) 10 – Pyunik (2001–2010) 10 – Sheriff Tiraspol (2001–2010) 10 – Bayern Munich (2013–present)

Is there a football team that has never lost? ›

AC Milan (1991-92)

In the 1991/92 season, Milan went on an unbeaten season run, writing their names in the history books forever. It was Fabio Capello, whose side made such a remarkable record.

How much is the FIFA World Cup worth? ›

The total prize money for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar stood at 440 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 40 million U.S. dollars on the previous World Cup in 2018. Thanks to their success at the 2018 World Cup, France not only took home the coveted trophy, but also bagged a record 35 million U.S. dollars in prize money.

Who can touch the World Cup? ›

About the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy

As one of the most recognised sports symbols in the world and a priceless icon, the original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy can only be touched and held by a very select group of people, which includes former winners of the FIFA World Cup™ and heads of state.

What is the biggest trophy to win in football? ›

The World Cup is a solid gold trophy that is awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup association football tournament.

What is the oldest trophy in football? ›

The Scottish Cup is the oldest trophy in association football. Find out more about its illustrious history.

What are 5 football trophies? ›

In the 2010s, the terms quadruple, quintuple and sextuple have sometimes been used to refer to winning four, five and six trophies in a single season. This list is limited to clubs playing in the top division of their league system.

Which team won 6 trophies in a year? ›

The six trophies won by FC Barcelona in 2009 were exhibited in the Camp Nou Museum.

Which player has the most trophy? ›

Dani Alves' former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi is second on the list for most trophies won by a player in football. The Argentine talisman has bagged 41 trophies in his legendary career so far.
Most trophies won by a player in football: Top 10 list (updated)
PlayerDani Alves
9 more columns
20 Sept 2022


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